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Fangirl Down: Here's to Sexier Romance Novels

Up-and-coming pro golfer Wells Whitaker has hit a serious career skid. He’s lost his game, his fans, and his Nike sponsorship. These days, he’s better known for boozing and brawling than for athletic performance.

     He’s about to hang up his cleats when he learns that his No. 1 fan—and sole remaining supporter—is in even bigger trouble: beautiful Josephine Doyle's Florida pro shop has been leveled by a hurricane.

     Josephine was never a fair-weather fan. Calling herself “Wells’ belle,” she stuck with her favorite ornery golfer until the bitter end, when he stiffed her on a lesson and quit the PGA tour.

     Now, a contrite Wells is at her door, hoping to do her a good turn. First, he begs the commission to put him back on the tour. Then, he hires Josephine as his caddy. Instant sparks fly, and the bad boy of the links becomes a winner once more. "Fangirl Down" is one of a new breed of romance novels—lusty as they come, with steamy sex scenes you'd never find in old-fashioned bodice-rippers.

     This is a whip-smart book that crackles with sexy dialogue, like the screwball comedies of legend. Chick-lit fans will adore it.




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